Thursday, July 3, 2008

Airline charges have taken effect

I will try to keep you updated on all the airline charges as best I can. They seem to change every day, adding more and more fees.

Here's what I know today:
United, USAirways and Delta are charging $25 if you call them on the phone to make a reservation; American charges $20; Alaska, Continental, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue and Northwest charge $15; Southwest does not charge to talk to you.

These airlines will charge $15 for the 1st checked bag each way starting on Aug 18: American, United & USAirways

These airlines charge $25 for the 2nd checked bag each way: All except Southwest

Note: on domestic flights only for now. The fee does not apply to Elite members in their frequent fliers program.

Most airlines charge a fee for priority seats between $5-109.00; check with your airline at time of booking as this varies within one airline as well.

USAirways charge for everything onboard including water and softdrinks. Most airlines are charging from $5-10 for a snack onboard. Many don't accept cash, just creditcards for purchases onboard.

They also charge for oversized bags, overweight bags, curbside checkin and for traveling with pets and children traveling alone. These fees can be in the $100's of dollars.

Ticket change fees are now up to $150 on American, Continental, Hawaiian, United and USAirways.

I'll try to keep up, but it's a challenge.

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