Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bibi's Family Safari was a great success

This was the most fabulous family safari I have ever had the pleasure to escort. They were all full of fun and in high spirits every day. Everyone was ready to go and explore. There was no whining, no complaints, only smiles, jokes and WOWs!

I think the best way to tell their story is to let them do it, so I asked:
What was your favourite activity?
Here are some answers.

1. I liked the game drives in the Masai Mara the best and being so close to the animals was very special.

See all the hippos in the Mara river behind us?

2. I thought the balloon ride was the most exciting and memorable event.

3. The balloon ride above the migration was my favorite! Seeing all the animals from above was just awesome!!! the landing was cool too.

4. We liked all the activities; it was such a nice variety. The balloon ride was special though.

5. My favourite activity was the game drives all over, but the very best was with the guides in Tanzania because we got to know them for a long period and they were so good at seeing the animals.

6. It’s too hard to pick just one favourite activity; everyday brought something new and exciting.

7. The Serengeti and the Masai Mara were my favourite game drives, but my one single favorite activity was our visit to the village, J’s Paradise at Lake Victoria. What an eye-opening experience and one I will never forget.

8. I enjoyed the visit to the Maasai village

9. Spending time with Sokoine at Ol Tukai.

10. Visiting the Maasai village school was a highlight!

11. Seeing Charles Bies working at his craft and seeing all the animals and watching elephants at Ol Tukai …

12. Sokoine learning to play Uno was special …. The Hot Air Balloon over the Mara … everything!
13. Visiting Charles Bies, the Makonde woodcarver was memorable.

14. Every day was amazing. The best day was when we saw the lions kill a zebra because it was a once in a lifetime thing to see with your own eyes.

15. Game drives in the Serengeti. Balloon ride. Everything! Visiting the villages was incredible.
16. Loved the drives: Serengeti with the lion kill (what a thrill)!

17. Mara drives with all the lions, cheetahs and the Mara River crossing of the wildebeests.