Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fire and Ice, Volcanic Eruptions, Waterfalls and Rainbows, Evil Lava and Delicate Moss

We're back from Iceland and what an experience it was.
Iceland is a land of contrasts: Fire and Ice, Waterfalls and Rainbows, Evil Lava and Delicate Moss, Violent Eruptions and Jagged Lava Flows, Smooth Glaciers and Deep Crevasses, Gentle Rivers and Big Rapids, Fissures and Lagoons opening up inside your house, Mid-Atlantic Rift, NO TREES! Icelandic horses, Iceland Lobsters are the best I ever tasted - small, soft, sweet and delicious!!! Hmmm GOOD!!

We really lucked out with the weather in Iceland, especially since the forecast was awful. But it turned 180 degrees and we had cool sunny weather with clear skies for 3 full days. We were able to drive up to the volcano (take a look at some of Tom’s videos) and we saw the Northern Lights 2 nights in a row.

I’ve posted my highlight pictures with a few comments on Facebook here:

Tom has posted all our pictures and videos here:

Here are some of the highlights:

The Aurora Borealis

The Blue Lagoon with silica mud

Geysir going off

Gullfoss Waterfall

Mount Hekla, the entrance to HELL!!

Mid-Atlantic Rift, dividing Europe and America.
In Iceland you can walk through it! Amazing.

Skogar Waterfall with rainbow

Walk-on glacier

Volcanic eruption steam cloud

Searching for the eruption in specially equipped Land Rover

Lava on the glacier from the eruption

The eruption

Hot Lava

Building a new mountain

Driving back across the glacier

Islandic Lobster dinner at the Seafood Cellar

Aurora Borealis