Saturday, May 17, 2008

From Mala Mala

Mala Mala lives up to its reputation of having the best game viewing in South Africa. This morning we saw 2 lion prides with cubs ranging from 2 - 11 months old and also the huge Roller Coaster male, who runs both prides, the Styx and the Eyrefield. Last afternoon, right before sunset we encountered about 300 Cape Buffalo going down to the Sand River to drink. It was an amazing scene that needs to be seen in person to appreciate it. We encountered Leopards too, but cheetah are best seen at Phinda. There we saw a mother with two tiny cubs.
Lukimbi is located in the southern part of Kruger NP. We flew from Phinda to there. The lodge is situated on the Crocodile River on a large concession with excellent game viewing, but nothing can compare to Sabi Sands with all the relaxed animals there.


Rob said...

I was in Kruger a year and a half ago, and had a great experience. Although the wildlife was hard to see at times, as it was summer in South Africa, and thus, covered with grass and shrubs.Our guides said winter was the best time to come.

Kristina Trowbridge said...

Yes Rob,
You are correct. The very best time for seeing the animals is when it's dry. That's when the grasses are short and the bushes have lost their leaves. The animals have to drink and because it's dry, they must come come down to the river, so that's where the action is. The timing for the dry season is the winter months: June, July and August. At that time it can be very chilly before and after sunset and sunrise, so bring a ski-jacket, hat and gloves. Also, there are fewer hours of sunlight and more tourists. So, the prices are higher as this is high season. There's always a catch!

Thanks for posting to my blog. Which Rob are you?


Adam said...

Hey Kristine,
I experienced a great time last winter aswel. Besides the extreme cold, the mornings were worth it. I was on a safari road trip with friends driving around Southern Africa in camper
Perhaps the best trip i have ever had. love your blog.