Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

From the North Cape to the South Cape and in between
The year that was - 2007

As year 2007 comes to a close I can’t help but think of what a great year it was and how much I learned and how fortunate I am to be in the travel business. I hope you had a great year too.

Did you know that it’s possible to visit both the North Cape and the South Cape in the same year? I was fortunate enough to do just that in 2007. How you ask: Well, let me tell you briefly -
In May, I escorted a group of 27 people to Norway and we cruised on the Finnmarken, one of 12 Hurtigruten ships that plow the coast of Norway every day of the year all the way from Bergen to Kirkenes on the Russian border. AND, we had gorgeous weather!! I took this picture (left) of the monument at the North Cape close to Honningsvåg, Norway on May 25, 2007.

Exactly 3 months later, I stood at the Cape of Good Hope monument at the South Cape close to Cape Town, South Africa. I was in Cape Town to attend a conference. I’m at the end.

In between my travels took me from tracking gorillas in Rwanda & Uganda (last Christmas), Tahiti, Botswana, Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in Canada, Estes Park in Colorado for a family reunion, Kenya & Tanzania and for my birthday on 07/07/07 in Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy on the Wind Surf, a sailing cruise ship. You can follow my travels in pictures on my website –

One of the Best books I read in 2007: “Nomads of the Serengeti” by Robyn Stewart; a photographic odyssey about the extraordinary mass migration of wildlife that takes place each year in Tanzania.

My most memorable meal in 2007: A bush dinner in Botswana when a hyena appeared out of the dark and helped herself from a plate at our table.

For the New Year to be ... 2008 .... What to expect?

The best blog (with your help) on the web in 2008 will be:
This is an inter-active blog so please write your comment there and post pictures of your journeys; but most importantly - share information and advice. Let’s make this a living blog!

To make life easier in 2008: Call me for your vacation travel planning.

My Best Advice for 2008: Go on a safari.

Next Best Advise for 2008, if you can’t go on a safari: Visit my Blog every day.

My Wish for a Happy New Year 2008: Lots of adventures for everyone!

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